Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Malleus Asymmetry Festival Poster And Print

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This is the new poster Malleus made for Asymmetry Festival 2016. It's a 4 color handmade silk screen printed on cream paper measuring 50 x 70 cm (19.6 x 27.5 inches) in a limited edition of 58 copies.

They made also a AP version printed on a very silver metallic paper in a limited edition of 40 copies.

Buy them at www.MalleusDelic.com

Dan Mumford Fellowship of the Ring Poster

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After his gorgeous first take on the Peter Jackson's trilogy at the beginning of the year with The Return of the King British artist Dan Mumford is back on Middle Earth with a new official screen print of The Fellowship of the Ring released by French Paper Art Club.
"For this piece I really wanted to capture the scope and size of Moria/Khazad-dûm, and show this huge maze and network of passageways for the fellowship to find their way through" Dan Mumford.
Dan Mumford THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (Officially Licensed)
5 color screen-print 24x36' 
Limited Edition of 200

Buy it at  https://en.frenchpaperartclub.com

Richey Beckett Low Country And Bees of Spring Prints Release

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LOW COUNTRY is Richey Beckett's new Limited Edition silk screen print, featuring artwork made exclusively for The Sword's new record - a stripped down acoustic presentation of songs from their landmark 'High Country' LP - taking inspiration from lyrical themes and the Texan landscape of the band's homeland.

Beautifully silk screen printed on 18" x 18" 100lb Kraft French Paper. Expertly printed by Burlesque Of North America.

There are the only 50 signed / numbered copies of this exclusive item and it will never be reprinted.

Plus he will have another print 'Bees Of Sprint'. It is a Limited Edition mini silk screen print. These are the only signed and embossed prints and this exclusive print will never be reprinted. Strictly limited to 70, signed numbered and embossed by the artist.

These will hit the store at 6pm BST which is 1pm EDT Tomorrow Wednesday at

Jonathan Burton Vertigo Movie Poster Release

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Mad Duck Posters is excited to announce a new poster for Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Vertigo with art by the incredible Jonathan Burton!

This Wednesday, Mad Duck Posters is releasing the first posters in a new series of officially licensed art based on the amazing films of Alfred Hitchcock! They start things off with a phenomenal Vertigo poster by Jonathan Burton! Mr. Burton brilliantly captured the essence of the movie.

The artist had the following to say about his art for Vertigo:
"The scene of Madeleine floating in the bay surrounded by flowers directly reflects images of Shakespeare’s Ophelia. I used Sir John Everett Millais’s painting of Ophelia as my source of inspiration for her floating pose and the water’s reflection of Madeleine’s face became an interesting way to represent her duality.

The films use of colour is very rich with contrasting reds and greens. Madeleine and Judy are constantly associated with the colour green; her car, clothes, the cemetery, the lighting in the motel and the green water of the bay in which she throws herself. The reason I coloured the water such a strong shade of deep green.

My representation of Scottie is a direct tribute to the iconic original poster of Saul Bass with a graphic disorienting shape around his silhouette. In the two editions of this poster I wanted to try different ways of showing Scottie’s panic. The Variant edition uses the more classic ‘spiral’ which is synonymous with the film while the regular edition has the form of his silhouette zooming out. In this version Scottie appears to be running towards us but the zoom effect gives the illusion that he’s falling away. It’s a link to the nausea inducing special effect, invented by Hitchcock, of the camera lens zooming in while the camera pulls back. A technique that was used so effectively to represent Scottie's phobia."
Vertigo is available in three editions. A regular and variant edition of the Vertigo movie poster, along with a smaller companion print to the poster called "Have you been here before?". The companion print sets the stage for the events that are unfolding in the Vertigo poster and is a great print on it's own or next to Vertigo!

The edition details are as follows:

Regular - 24X36, 10 color screen print. Run of 225. $65
Variant - 24X36, 10 color screen print with metallic ink. Run of 125. $85
"Have you been here before?" - 4 color screen print. Run of 225. $30

All three screen prints will be released at 12PM Eastern time this Wednesday, September 28th here.  https://www.madduckposters.com/collections/posters

Nick Flatt Revolution Porno II Print


Got an email from a reader regarding a new print release from Nick Flatt who is part of the Berlin art scene. I had never heard of him and did some looking around and he has done some good work.

Here is a little background from his website:
Texas-born Nick Flatt is known for his large scale photorealistic portraits, often with provocative themes gleaned from titles like Fuck Religion, Pussy Fingers, and Nip Slip. Through the use of models who physically resemble the prototype of those commonly used in mainstream advertising, Flatt whets the viewer’s unconscious appetite for consumption. However, their extreme, lascivious gestures distort our desire to the point of discomfort. By exposing the cheap triggers employed by these glossy glamazons, Flatt invites us to be repulsed by their honest unmasking.
His latest print is Revolution Porno II. It is a digital print on canvas. Hand-finished with oil, spray paint, and acrylic. Each print comes with a custom made, painted wooden shipping crate (which is pretty hot.) 50 x 60cm. Signed and numbered. Edition of 20

Head over to  http://nickflatt.com/home.html

Monday, September 26, 2016

Zeb Love blink 182 Ridgefield Poster And Print Release

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Zeb Love did his first ever blink 182 poster for the show in Ridgefield, WA last week and now you will be able to get your hands on the artist edition that is a 7 Color Silkscreen - 18x24" - Edition of 100

He also has an art print of his Edward Sharpe poster titled Thin Air. It's a  4 Color Silkscreen measuring 16x20" with a signed & numbered edition of 32.

Both posters go on sale Thursday September 29 at 12pm EDThttp://shop.zeblove.com/

Alexander Hanke Get Well Soon Poster And Print

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Alexander Hanke just finished up Flatstock Hamburg is releasing a few new posters online.

The Get Well Soon poster is for the show at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. It is an edition of 70 prints, 3 color screen print on 250gsm smooth paper by Olin.

The second is called "True romance“ and is the second edition of an art print. The edition is 60 pieces and also this one comes on 250gsm smooth paper by Olin, it's a 4 color screen print.
Both posters are already in his shop:

Jim Mazza blink 182 Band of Horses And OAR Posters Release

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Jim Mazza will be releasing his Band of Horses Boston poster, Blink 182 Seattle poster and his O.A.R San Francisco print.

Blink 182 Seattle
18" x 24" - 7 Color Screen print
100lb Cougar White Cover Stock
Signed & Numbered Edition of only 100

Band of Horses Boston Regular - Check his website for variant details.
12" x 24" - 6 Color Screen Print
Printed on 100lb True White French Krafttone Cover Stock
Signed and Numbered Artist Edition of only 30

O.A.R. - The Fillmore SF - 2016 - Artist Edition
18" x 24" - 7 Color Screen print
100lb True White French Krafttone Cover Stock
Numbered Edition of only 17

All of them will be on sale Monday at 9am PDT at www.mazzaart.com

Joey Feldman Leonard Cohen Print Release

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Joey Feldman created this for Leonard Cohen's birthday recently and after lots of people asked about prints he decided to do a small print run. The original sold really fast.

The print is an Archival Fine art giclee print on Somerset velvet stock 255gsm. It measures18 x 24" and will be a limited edition of 12 that will be embossed,numbered and signed in black archival Indian ink by Joe. 
On sale Monday at 10am PDT at www.joeyfeldman.com

Miles Tsang Avett Brothers Oklahoma City Poster Release

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Miles Tsang has created another outstanding poster for the recent Avett Brothers concert in Oklahoma City last Thursday.

Miles dropped the knowledge for this one:
"This Avett print is inspired by vintage American handbill and illustrative poster designs combined with elements of Oklahoma. Familiar animals (such as the scissortail flycatcher and the American Bison) adorn the design, filling in the negative space and adding decoration and flourish while static portraits of the main band members pin down the corners, solidifying the composition. Their bodies are presented within a flowing frame in the centre of the poster, hiking through the Oklahoma landscape, overlooking glass mountains and taking in the morning light as it refracts throughout the design, illuminating the psychedelic tendrils and imbuing the piece with movement and visual interest. Overall, the work is another piece in the loose narrative of The Avett Brothers' journey, augmented by symbols representing the state through which they passed during the fall of 2016."
Details on the posters
6-Colour Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone White)
Editions of 200 Regular / Show Edition. Both posters glow in the dark (and feature the same hidden skull artwork).
Printed, numbered, and signed by the artist.
Commissioned by The Avett Brothers as part of their Fall 2016 Tour Series

16" by 24"
6-Colour Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone White)
Edition of 80 Variant / "Mesa Dusk" alternate colorways. Both posters glow in the dark (and feature the same hidden skull artwork).
Printed, numbered, and signed by the artist.
Commissioned by The Avett Brothers as part of their Fall 2016 Tour Series

These posters will go on sale at 6PM Eastern on Monday, September 26th, 2016 at MilesTsang.com

311 Salt Lake City Munk One Poster Artist Edition Release

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Munk One had a ton of requests for these posters and they're finally here, as both single posters and uncuts while supplies last!

The June 29th and 30th, Official 311 Salt Lake City AP's by Munk One

Show Color Edition AP
Orange Ink Variant AP
White Lenticular Honeycomb AP
Orange Lenticular AP
Gold Foil AP

Buy them at  http://invisible-industries.com

Maxx242 Blink 182 Albuquerque Poster

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Maxx242 killed another poster for blink 182's show in Albuquerque, NM last night. Fighting 4 Dreams will have an equal sick artist edition soon.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Half Hazard Press Has Three New Prints

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Half Hazard Press has 3 new art prints available and they look outstanding.

 “To Wade Into” is a 16”x24”, 5-color screen print with a first edition of 75 going for $30. The Heron in this artwork was initially created for a gig poster back in February of 2015 and has since been redrawn along with a new background and framing. It was really cool seeing the illustrations side by side and comparing the quality of work over a year and half span.  

Lost in Transit” is an 18”x24”, 4-color screen print with a first edition of 30 going for $30. This print was originally released through ARTCRANK, a long running poster show that deals specifically with bike themed screen prints.

From the Artist - Joel Hunter: The concept came from being obsessed with anything dinosaur related from a very early age. As a kid I'd always imagine the surrounding landscapes as unique habitats filled with dinosaurs interacting with the man-made structures. I wanted to try and recreate that idea of letting go and getting lost in your imagination.

Down Hill Sprint” is an 18”x24”, 3-color screen print with a first edition of 30 going for $30. This print was also released in collaboration with ARTCRANK.

From the Artist: Chris Gray: I've always been drawn to biking because I've always been obsessed with flying. I wanted to capture that feeling of coasting down the perfect hill and the bliss that comes with that moment, however short. Nature elements always play a big part in my work, as does the balance of geometric shape and structure.

Buy them all at www.halfhazardpress.com.

Shai Dahan Dala Horses Print

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Shai Dahan has a new print release. 'The Dala Horses' is a poster print release of his mural at 'Viskan/Sandvallplats' in the city of Borås in Sweden. The mural, which was painted in 2012, has become an iconic image to the city centre.

This edition print will be available for purchase starting, September 22nd, 2016 until October 1st, 2016.

On October 1st, the open edition time will be closed and the prints will be numbered according to the prints sold.

This is a print on a 200g satin paper. It is 50 x 70 cm and can fit into a standard 50 x 70 frame.
Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

Price: 500 SEK (not including shipping + handling).

Here is a link to the print on sale: http://store.shaidahan.com/product/the-dalas-of-viskan

James Eads Goldfeather Player And Heartsong Chamber Print Release

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James is releasing a couple of new prints next week. "The Goldfeather Player" and "The Heartsong Chamber" are two 18" x 18" high quality giclee prints on archival paper. Prints are handsigned and numbered in a limited edition of 250 and blind embossed in the right hand corner of the 1.5" white border.

Both prints will be available on Monday September 26th at 4PM PDT for $50 each at www.jamesreadsmerch.com

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tara McPherson blink 182 Salt Lake City Poster

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blink 182 are winding down their tour with only about 2 weeks to go. Tonight they are in Salt Lake City and Tara McPherson did the poster for the concert. Only 182 numbered posters are for sale at the show. Look for her artist edition signed numbered posters in the coming weeks.

Iggy Pop And Mark Lanegan Posters By Rhys Cooper Release

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Rhys Cooper will have a couple of excellent new posters and prints for sale next week.

Mark Lanegan Band. Melbourne 2016
12 x 36 inch Silkscreen + metallic inks.
Hand Signed edition of 230.
USA $ 50.00

IGGY POP - Post Pop Depression Tour. Berlin 2016
Regular Edition.
12 x 36 inch Silkscreen + metallic inks.
Hand Signed edition of 150
USA $ 65.00

IGGY POP - Berlin 2016
12 x 36 inch Silkscreen + metallic inks.
Hand Signed edition of 65

Rhys will also be dropping some art prints from his recent art show 'COVEN'.

*On sale this Tuesday 7am Aussie time which is 5pm EDT in the US Monday afternoon* thru:
www.beyondthepale.com.au & http://studioseppuku.bigcartel.com/

Laurent Durieux Willy Wonka And the Chocolate Factory Poster Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, is most pleased to release "WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY" limited edition prints by leading contemporary artist, Laurent Durieux, and available Friday, Sep 23rd, at 12:30 PM-PDT!

Dark Hall Mansion welcomes back artist Laurent Durieux as he grants us his golden ticket view of the original 1971 "WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY" film based on the Roald Dahl children's classic. In his distinctive visual and pathos driven style Laurent takes us into Willy Wonka's factory for a quiet, contemplative moment that is as beautiful as it is hyper detailed via his renowned nuancing. We encourage you to click on the close-ups to truly see the minutiae and lovely detailing of Laurent's work. Enjoy!!

Laurent Durieux "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" editions measure 24" x 36," are 14-color screen prints, but for the select canvas edition of only 30 editions worldwide which is giclee printed, and are all strictly limited and hand numbered.

"WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY" Standard Edition of 345 $70
"WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY" Variant Edition of 145 $100
(based on Std edition colorway)
(based on Variant edition colorway)
"WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY" Select Canvas edition $250
(15 based on Standard colorway, 15 Variant colorway)

Officially licensed "WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY" Laurent Durieux fine art editions will be available Friday, Sep 23rd, at 12:30 PM PST on DHM's dedicated store page at www.DarkHallMansionStore.com

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chris Saunders Jag Mandala Print Release

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Chris Saunders is part of 1xRUN's for Murals In The Market as the critically acclaimed mural festival returns to Detroit's Historic Eastern Market with over 20 free art events!

This September 15th-23rd, Murals In The Market will make a triumphant return to Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market as more than 50 local and international muralists will be painting live throughout the district over the course of 10 days in the second year of the city’s only international mural festival.

Jag Mandala is a 24 x 24 Inches 4-Color Screen Print on 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper. It is a signed & numbered edition of 100 and comes with a COA.

On sale Thursday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

Kii Arens Nocturnal 2016 Official Poster

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Kii Arens will be releasing the official print from the spectacular EDM festival, Nocturnal. Printed with brilliant fluorescent inks, and topped with actual black velvet this poster nearly sold out at the festival.

Nocturnal 2016 - Official Festival Poster
24" X 18" Fluorescent and Black Velvet Print
Signed & Numbered Series of 100

On sale at www.lalalandprints.com
//SEO SCRIPT POWERED BY www.alltechbuzz.in