Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jermaine Rogers Yellow Brick Road, Losing My Mind And You Hurt Me Prints Release

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Jermaine Rogers is trying to end this crazy year on a positive note with the release of 3 art prints.

This Yellow Brick Road Goes Nowhere...' (BLUE SKY) Art Print
This piece measures approximately 33x24 inches and is screen printed on gallery stock. This 'blue sky' variation has been anticipated for some time, and is finally being made available to collectors.
Regarding the imagery, Jermaine says:
"There are no magic roads that lead to 'everything you've always dreamed of.' There are no wizards with all of the answers that will make your life a success. 'Life' is off the road, out in the mud, in the weeds, and the woods. It's not all pretty, and it's not paved: you'll have to do a little work and a lot of thinking for yourself. But you'll sleep better. Still, if you do choose to follow one of the countless yellow-brick-roads out there, make sure you bring a chair. It gets tiring going in circles."

- REGULAR EDITION - Printed on Stardream Opal gallery stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 70 pieces.

BLACK EDITION - Printed on Stardream Onyx gallery stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces.

LAVA FOIL EDITION -Printed on holographic Lava Foil stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 25 pieces.

'2016' or 'I Think I Am Losing My Mind...' Art Print -This piece measures 26x18 inches and is printed on gallery stock. The print debuted at the recent Designer Con in Pasadena, California...along with the new Jermaine Rogers vinyl art figure, Veil: Specimen #72 (I Think I Am Losing My Mind).

About the imagery depicting a Veil 'bear' in distress, Jermaine says:

'Every single day, the thinking and feeling being is doing everything it can to keep its mind and body focused. In precarious times like these, the effort alone can drive a being completely mad.
As this current year of our lives stumbles & staggers to a close, you can almost hear the echoes in the wind...
Something like a communal groan...'

REGULAR EDITION - Printed on Stardream Opal gallery stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces.

GOLD EDITION -Printed on Stardream Gold gallery stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 15 pieces.

LAVA FOIL EDITION - Printed on holographic Lava Foil stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 20 pieces.

'You Hurt Me, So I Hurt You...' Art Print - This art print measures approx. 24x16 inches and is screen printed on gallery stock.
'There was a time when we'd keep score... I'm glad we don't do that anymore.'

REGULAR EDITION - Printed on Stardream Opal gallery stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 60 pieces.

GOLD EDITION - Printed on Stardream Gold gallery stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces.

LAVA FOIL EDITION - Printed on holographic Lava Foil stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces.

All of the above items will be available Friday December 9th, 2016 3:00 PM EASTERN / 12 NOON PACIFIC (know your time zone you're adult so you should!) at

Godmachine And Mad Duck Posters 2017 Subscription Offering

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Mad Duck Posters has teamed up with the amazing Godmachine for a 2017 exclusive poster subscription! The sub is aptly titled “As Above, So Below” for the 2017. The subscription will consist of 10 (20 with variants) poster releases in 2017. The posters will be brand new art created exclusively for Mad Duck Posters! Subject matter will include movie posters, pop culture based posters, and art prints.

Key information is as follows:
The release cadence will be one poster a month, with two extra months built into the schedule to account for any potential schedule conflicts and keep the sub on track!:
6 sub posters will be exclusive to the sub. They will not be sold through the Mad Duck Posters store individually, and the sub is the ONLY way to get them!
4 sub posters will also have release day drops through the Mad Duck Posters store.
Customers will be charged monthly for the sub, for a total of 10 months out of the year.
3 of the monthly sub spots will be decided by subscriber vote!

There are two “tiers” to the sub. One tier will cover the regular monthly print. The second tier will also include variants.

Here is the full breakdown on the tiers.

Tier 1 – As Above
• Cost will be $40 per poster (regular edition), charged monthly.
• Subscribers will receive 10 posters
• Subscribers will have the opportunity to vote on the subject matter for 3 of the projects slated to be part of the sub!
• A selection of new Godmachine stickers will be included throughout the year
• Opportunity to vote on, and purchase an exclusive Godmachine t-shirt
• Opportunity to purchase extra prints at club prices.

Tier 2 – So Below
• Cost will be $75 for a matching numbered set of the regular and variant version of the monthly poster.
• Subscribers will receive 20 posters
• Subscribers will have the opportunity to vote on the subject matter for 3 of the projects slated to be part of the sub!
• A complete set of new Godmachine stickers will be included
• Opportunity to vote on, and purchase an exclusive Godmachine t-shirt
• Opportunity to purchase extra prints at club prices.

The sub is available for purchase right now! Open Enrollment for the sub will last until January 6th, 2017, or until all club spots have been taken, whichever comes first! The first poster of the sub is “The Exorcist” and will ship to sub holders in January!

• PLEASE NOTE - The subscription is set up for monthly shipping, however I am willing to combine shipping for up to 3 poster releases to help subscribers save money on shipping! Simply drop me a note if you want to do combined shipping with your sub!

Head over to to get a sub.

Matthew Johnson Diver Prints

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Matthew Johnson recently released some new prints to celebrate the ninth anniversary of Seventh.Ink. These 18x24 Diver prints are available in very limited numbers at

They are screen printed with two split fountains on French 100# black paper and are signed/numbered. The green one is the standard edition and is limited to 25, while the pinkish one is the variant edition and limited to only 7.

Victo Ngai Three Colours: White Poster Release By Black Dragon Press

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Black Dragon Press are delighted to release 'White', the second installment in Victo Ngai’s series of posters for Krzysztof Kieślowski’s 'Three Colours Trilogy'. You can read a great interview Evil Tender has done with Victo about ‘White’ here for some great insight into the piece and how it relates both to the film and the trilogy series. As always they’re thankful to MK2 in Paris for the opportunity to bring this project to life.

‘Three Colours: White’ by Victo Ngai
18" x 27" 7-colour screen print on 270gsm Mohawk Superfine White paper
Limited Edition of 160 Hand numbered, gallery stamp on reverse
£50 (plus VAT for EU orders)

Victo Ngai’s ‘Three Colours: White’ will go on sale this Friday 09 Dec 2016 at 3pm UK (10am EST) time from their shop.

Or you can pre-order the full trilogy here to save shipping costs down the line.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

JC Richard Little Mermaid Poster And More From Cyclops Prints

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This Friday Cyclops Prints will release the first batch of serigraphs from their recent An Art Tribute to the Disney Films of Ron Clements & John Musker gallery show, which was presented by Cyclops Print Works, Disney Fine Art, Gallery Nucleus, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Oh My Disney. The first round of online releases will be Moana by Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay, The Little Mermaid by JC Richard, and Aladdin by Brittney Lee!

Cyclops Print Works Print #51: The Little Mermaid
Artist: JC Richard
Size: 12" x 36"
Technique: Serigraph | 21 Colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 225
Features: Hand-Numbered | Metallic Inks | Authenticity Seal
Paper: Stardream 285 gsm
Printed by: Eclipse Workshop
Price: $100
Officially Licensed by Disney

Moana by Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay, The Little Mermaid by JC Richard, and Aladdin by Brittney Lee will be available Friday December 9th, 2016 at 12 PM PST at

Ween Emek San Francisco Poster Release

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For the band WEEN’s second show in San Francisco Emek wanted to pay tribute to one of the most famous images in classic posters from San Francisco. (Among other changes, he turned the flying eyeball into the classic “Boognish” logo from Ween.)

At the bottom of my poster, Emek wrote a brief description:
Rick Griffin was born in California on June 18, 1944. His father was an engineer and amateur archaeologist and as a boy Rick accompanied him on digs in the Southwest. It was during this time that Rick was exposed to the Native American and ghost town artifacts that were to influence his later work. At 20, Rick hitch-hiked towards San Fransisco, he fell asleep, waking to find the car swerving from side to side. The vehicle went out of control and Rick lost his left eye in the accident (the story goes he was stabbed in his eye by his own drawing tools that were in his shirt pocket). I made the connection that perhaps this was the inspiration behind the EYE in his subsequent work. His work became more sophisticated and his characteristic fluid lettering style emerged. The famous "Flying Eyeball" poster ranks and one of the most important images of the era and is sought after by fans and modern art museums alike. In 1991 near San Fransisco, California, Rick was thrown from his Harely-Davidson motorcycle when he collided with a van. He died 3 days later on August 18th at the age of 47, leaving behind a legacy of visionary and influential Art. He inspired guys like me to keep the music poster scene interesting - even if one day I'd come along and commit sacrilege to his image - but also, hopefully honor his work. Hand-drawing Rick Griffin's incredible lettering and art was very challenging, but very fun. - EMEK
Size: 16" x 24”
Artist Edition of 100 on pearl paper
Signed, Numbered and Doodled
Price: $150 + shipping

On sale at

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:30pm PST on Thursday Dec. 8th. The butt hurt will commence soon after.

When the sale is complete he will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT

Alexander Hanke Tiger Lou Poster And Mystery Tube Release

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Alexander Hanke has a gig poster releasing this Friday. It’s for a Swedish band called Tiger Lou. It’s mainly the project of a guy by the name of Rasmus Kellerman, he has been absent for over 7 years and just released a fantastic new record. The print is based mainly on one track of this record, that’s called „You town“ and deals with memories, isolation and affiliation. Alexander choose that one because the show takes place in his hometown and he has pretty similar memories about it.
Specs: 40x60cm / 4 colors / 250gsm Olin extra smooth / Edition of 50

Right Alex has released his first Mystery Tube, it’s more a box but printed all over. It contains 4 gig poster from different years / 1 art print / 3 cards / 2 sticker.

Alexander also has something like a Christmas calendar thing going on in the social media waves and in the shop. He will display, sell and gift some rarities and some great new stuff. He's been been digging in the archive and found sold out prints or artist proofs from The Thermals, I Am Kloot, the Notwist, Blood Red Shoes, Sigur Rós and many more. Each day another one gets revealed.

You can find all of the above here:

Fugscreens Studios Sonics Brooklyn Poster And Art Print

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Zissou of Fugscreens Studios has 3 new posters for sale and cool video he wanted to share with everyone.

SONICS regular November Brooklyn poster
18x24 6 colors on cougar natural
signed and edition of 125
design and printed by Fugscreens Studios
available at

SONICS FOIL VARIANT November Brooklyn poster
18x24 6 colors on sparkeltone droplet 100 pound
signed and numbered edition of 25 $40
design and printed by fugscreens studios
available at

18x24 6 colors on cougar natural
signed and numbered edition of 25
design and printed by fugscreens studios
available at

Here is the video of Zissou printing the David Welker Band Practice print and the back story behind it's release.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Matt Leunig 10th Anniversary Sale And Giveaway

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Matt Leunig of Scraped Knee turns 10 years old this year. That is 10 years of posters… 10 years of late nights, making coffee… 10 years of trying to get every last drop out of an ink pen…. 10 years of creating his own journey, running his own business… and most importantly, 10 years of meeting fantastic people and getting support from awesome folks like yourselves.

Matt will be making his Holiday Sale extra long and extra special this year to commemorate the event. For the next 10 days (Dec. 5th – Dec. 15th) everything in the store is 30% OFF. Shirts… sticker packs… prints… the works. All you have to do is add the code “10YEARS” upon checkout.

Every day of the sale Matt will be giving away something FREE and as the days increase the prizes will be rarer & more valuable (shirts, variants, etc..).

The giveaway will take place on his Facebook page and a random question will be asked. The first to answer correctly or get closest will have their name posted the previous day. Be sure to check back daily for new giveaways on his Facebook page HERE

Head over to to use that discount code and buy some posters.

Mr Frivolous Why So Rude Print

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Mr. Frivolous has one more release for this year and it is titled Why So Rude. The print is Giclee print on 308 gsm Hahnemuhle Photorag measuring 10.4" x 13.8" with a signed and numbered limited Edition of 50.

He also has some new mini prints for sale as well.

Check them all out at

Monday, December 5, 2016

Steve Thomas and Eric Robison Charlie Brown Christmas Posters From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion under license from Peanuts Worldwide LLC, is so very pleased to share their annual Christmas and holiday Peanuts editions, and what better way than to welcome artists Eric Robison and Steve Thomas to share their very special "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "A Peanuts Christmas" limited edition prints.

Steve Thomas brings his take on Charles M. Schulz's 1965 incomparable classic, "A Charlie Brown Christmas," via a most joyful celebration that finds Charlie Brown's efforts well recognized as the Peanuts gang gathers round for a very special Christmas carol indeed. Steve's variant edition print is pure fun rendering Vince Guaraldi's classic jazz break as our beloved director loses control of his Christmas play and one of the most spirited and memorable of all dance scenes breaks out! Steve's adorable "A Peanuts Christmas" is not to be missed finding everyone's favorite beagle snuggled up with warm milk and cookies awaiting Santa's arrival.

DHM is honored to again welcome back artist Eric Robison, former Disney Imagineer, an artist whose career needs but a quick Google review to show its range and stature. Eric's powerful gestural style has graced such high profile projects as Disney's "100 Mickeys," the official "Haunted Mansion" painting and seasonal "Nightmare Before Christmas" editions, so we're honored to have Eric at work on a broad host of exclusive projects for DHM. Eric's standard edition for DHM's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is universal and all mood finding Charlie Brown quietly and ethereally reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. Eric's "Hope and Retrospection" variant edition is a powerful and evocative piece in which he has deliberately silenced the lights on Snoopy's doghouse underscoring Charlie Brown's reverential focus and reminding us all, especially at this time of year, to focus on that which truly matters in life.

DHM's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "A Peanuts Christmas" limited edition prints are on sale now at their dedicated store page at: .

Standard 18" x 24" Ornament edition of 225 $65
Select 18" x 24" Canvas edition of 25: $125

Variant 18" x 24" Ornament 'dance break' edition of 75 $95
Select 18" x 24" Canvas edition of 25: $125

18" x 24" 'Snoopy and Santa' edition of 150 $65
Select 18" x 24" Canvas edition of 25: $125

Edition of 150 $55

Standard 18" x 24" edition of 225 $65
Select 18" x 24" Canvas edition of 25: $125

Variant 18" x 24" "Hope & Retrospection" edition of 75 $75
Select 18" x 24" Canvas edition of 25: $125

Edition of 150 $55

All editions are strictly limited, hand numbered, and giclee printed.

Jim Mazza Poster Sale

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Jim Mazxa is having a 40% off sale starting right now.

He has foils, pearlescents, and lots of other cool and fairly limited prints available. Including his new Dinosaur Jr poster.

Sale will go on while supplies last so get your orders in early

Ian Williams And Brandon Heart Blink 182 Christmas Foil Posters Signed By The Band

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Ian Williams and Brandon Heart collaborated on this years Blink Holiday poster.

Blink-182 Holiday 2016 Lava Foil Poster measures 18" x 24" and is a 6 color screen print on lava foil paper created by artists Brandon Heart and Ian Williams. Edition of 50 prints signed by all 3 members of the band!

Available Monday, December 5th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Friday, December 2, 2016

Last Chance Joey Feldman Pearl Jam Chicago Artist Edition Posters Release

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Almost every artist, gallery and print publisher holds back prints from the initial sale for in person events or family members and a variety of reasons. Joey Feldman did that for his Wrigley Field Pearl Jam poster as well. But so many people kept asking him about he decided to sell the few remaining Artist Edition of each poster he has.

He will have 10 regular low numbered , embossed and signed
and 5 AP variants available, embossed signed and numbered and this is the last of them.

On sale Friday at 10 PST at

Dan Grzeca A Wind Came Out Of The East Standing Rock Benefit Print

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Dan Grzeca has joined in the fight to help the Native Americans fighting for their rights in North Dakota.

Dan talks about the print:
I have made a one color print of the detailed keyplate drawing from the "A Wind Came Out Of The East" print, which was inspired by the Fugazi song Smallpox Champion. ALL proceeds , not net profits, ALL proceeds will go directly to the Standing Rock tribe, who are currently fighting a desperate protest to block the construction of the Dakota Acess Pipeline through Tribal Land, violating treaties and endangering the water supply.
The print is an 18 x 24 inche screen print with a signed & numbered edition of 100 .

Buy it HERE.

Watch this from Trevor Noah and the Daily Show HERE for more info

Vincent Mahé Playtime Movie Poster Release From Nautilus Art Prints

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Following Mon Oncle and Mr. Hulot’s holidays, Nautilus Art Prints is embarking upon yet another one of Jacques Tati’s cinema milestones: Playtime. The movie failed to be a success when it was originally released, Playtime is an exorbitant and insane piece of work which is now hailed as a classic as important as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.
The shooting went on for three years, an entire city made of skyscrapers was built from scratch which ultimately led to Tati being totally bankrupted.

In collaboration with Les Films de mon Oncle, Nautilus is very proud to present a new screen print signed by French artist Vincent Mahé, whose style perfectly fits the style and universe of Jacques Tati. Don’t miss it!

Regular edition
24x36 inches / 61X91,44 cm
Colors: 5
Edition size: 150 hand numbered
Price: 50E / US$ 53

24x36 inches / 61X91,44 cm
Colors: 5
Edition size: 50 Hand Numbered
Price: 75E / US$ 80

On sale at the Nautilus Art Prints store HERE on Friday December 2nd 7PM
Brussels Time (GMT+1) which is 1pm EST.

Mondo Gallery Presents A Nickelodeon Show

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Mondo are thrilled to announce their final gallery show of the year, a new one-week poster exhibit highlighting iconic Nickelodeon properties including gorgeous prints for The Ren & Stimpy Show, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rocko’s Modern Life, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Avatar. The awesome line-up of artists includes Florian Bertmer, Dave Perillo, Francesco Francavilla, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Sachin Teng, Ciro Nieli, Sara Kipin and Janice Chu.

The opening reception, free and open to the public, will be held on Friday, December 9, from 7:00 – 10:00pm at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX (4115 Guadalupe St). The show will run through Saturday, December 17.

Mondo Creative Director Mitch Putnam said "Nickelodeon was a huge part of my childhood. It represented everything cool and rebellious, and parents didn't know anything about it. We worked with a number of great artists to pay homage to some of the channel's most influential programming. We hope you have as much fun seeing it as we had making it."

"Thrilled to be part of the Nickelodeon show with Mondo. I grew up watching Nickelodeon when my family first got cable in the early ‘80s, with shows like Pinwheeland You Can't Do That on Television. Always wanted to get slimed for saying 'I don't know?' or food poisoning from Barth's Burgery," said artist Dave Perillo.

In addition to our usual Friday-night opening, they're so excited to host a special Family Day on Saturday, December 10, from 10am – NOON, featuring a Slime Building Workshop with Mad Science of Austin, face painting, photo booth, coffee and donuts, and more!

As tradition with Mondo's end-of-the-year gallery shows, they'll be hosting their fourth toy drive benefiting Toys for Tots! They encourage fans bring a toy (suggested retail price of $10 - $25) to donate at the opening reception, taking place from 7PM - 10PM. Please be sure your toy is new, unopened and unwrapped. On opening night, fans who bring a toy donation with receive first-access into the show.

You can also bring toys on Saturday (12/10) from 12 - 6PM. Learn more about Toys for Tots here.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fintan Magee Head In The Clouds Print Release

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1xRUN are extremely excited to announce the 2016 Juxtapoz Clubhouse x 1xRUN Print Suite featuring Cyrcle, CFYW, Fintan Magee, Alex Yanes, Ravi Zupa and Atomik. For this year's Art Basel Weekend in Miami 1xRUN partnered up with Juxtapoz to help kick things into high gear at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse! Be sure to snag daily releases before they are gone and if you're down in Miami you'll definitely want to come down to join them at Mana Contemporary Wynwood on the corner of 25th and 5th Avenue!

Today's release is by Fintan Magee who is an Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Queensland and later in New South Wales. Magee was born in the NSW Town of Lismore. Magee grew up in Ipswich, Queensland and gained a reputation as a graffiti artist before obtaining a Fine Arts degree and moving to Sydney. He now works out of "The Tate Gallery" above the Toxteth Hotel in Glebe. He received national acclaim for his mural depicting Felix Baumgartner in Brisbane.

The print is titled Head in the Clouds and has an edition of 50.

On sale at NOON EST at

Russ Moore Sacred Realms 3 Print Set Kickstarter Project

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Russ Moore is launching his very first Kickstarter and it involves his love of video games.

From the Kickstarter page-
“Like many of us, I grew up playing video games. From the Atari to the NES and on and on. And these old-school games, even with their simplified graphics, helped transport us into their imaginary worlds- a place of high adventure and pure escapism. This print series pays tribute to these digital environments that you, me, and many millions more visited daily, after school, on the weekends, and late into the night.

This print series is a tribute to those places. I’ve illustrated three silk-screen prints, and with your pledges, I hope to make this edition of them a reality!”

Each image will be a hand-printed serigraph (screen-print) measuring 18×24 inches, signed and numbered by Russ in a limited printing. The edition sizes on the standard prints will be determined by the response to the project!

There will be Early- Bird packages (limited to 100) that will include this exclusive GLOW IN THE DARK enamel pin, exclusive to this project, and not available anywhere else!

Russ will also be offering a foil set of the three prints, limited to just 100 copies.

Head over the KickStarter Pager HERE.

Gremlins Posters By Matt Ryan Tobin And Glen Brogan Release By Mondo

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Yesterday Mondo released the awesome soundtrack to Gremlins housed in UV and water sensitive packaging designed by Phantom City Creative. On Thursday they're keeping the Mogwai celebration going with a couple of stellar new posters for Gremlins by Matt Ryan Tobin and its much underrated sequel, Gremlins 2, by Glen Brogan!

Gremlins by Matt Ryan Tobin. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275.

Gremlins 2 by Glen Brogan. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

The posters will be available Thursday (12/1) at a random time via